Why Dental Crowns are a Great Option for You

Why Dental Crowns are a Great Option for You

Dental crowns are not something done lightly by dentists, but it can often be the best option to save a decayed tooth. There are a lot of different things to consider when getting dental crowns. The key is knowing what you’re looking at and deciding whether the crown is the best solution to your particular situation.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are devices used to hold the tooth together after a root canal. The root canal removes infected pulp but leaves the structure of the tooth vulnerable to problems. The crown gives the tooth the rigidity needed to bite and chew. The crown is either a composite material or porcelain. Crowns allow you to chew food without problems.

When Dental Crowns are the Right Procedure for You

If you have a root canal, the dental crown is the procedure that’s needed to keep the tooth together. Other times, crowns are used when the tooth is decayed but has not gotten through the enamel. This procedure ensures that the tooth’s structure is kept intact, and the tooth itself is quite healthy and usable.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment for a dental crown does not take too long. In fact, in two visits you can have a brand-new crown thanks to the advancements in treatment. The first thing a dentist does is take an impression. When the impression is made, the crown gets fabricated to look and feel like the original tooth. After the root canal finishes, the dentist affixes the temporary crown to the tooth being worked on. In a couple of weeks, the permanent crown is ready. There will be a second appointment, and at that point, the new crown is placed onto the tooth. The fit is nice and snug.


There are many reasons to get dental crowns, but what’s great about them is the resilience they provide to teeth. Once you have dental crowns, your teeth will feel just as strong as they ever were.

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