Which Cosmetic Dental Treatment Is Suitable for Me?

A cosmetic dentist aims to enhance the appearance of a person’s smile by creating balance and attractiveness. Beautiful teeth can boost self-confidence and positively impact mental health. Teeth are also crucial in digestion and play a role in facial beauty. Achieving a beautiful smile requires combining the art and science of aesthetics. If you are a resident of Downtown Vancouver looking for a trusted and highly-skilled cosmetic dentist, you should visit us at M2 Dental. At this equipped and modern dental clinic, Dr. Hosseini and her team of professional dentists are always ready to accommodate your dental needs and gift you a sparkling smile with beautiful teeth. Besides, if you are suffering from a specific dental imperfection and do not know what treatment to choose, continue reading this blog to learn more.

Who Is a Cosmetic Dentist? 

Understanding the principles of smile design is vital for a cosmetic dentist to provide patients with a beautiful smile. They use various cosmetic treatment techniques and recognize the rules of smile design to treat teeth. Modern technology and up-to-date equipment are essential in increasing the success rate of cosmetic dental services in Downtown Vancouver. A cosmetic dentist’s goal is to make teeth look bright and shiny while ensuring proper alignment. A lack of teeth can also affect the appearance of your smile. The size and color of teeth play a vital role in the overall attractiveness of a smile. Healthy and well-maintained teeth indicate physical health. A beautiful smile can enhance facial beauty!

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants and Dentures 

 Individuals with missing teeth often encounter difficulties while chewing and mispronouncing certain words. However, dental implants can address and eliminate all these problems. This cosmetic dental method mimics natural teeth and is almost indistinguishable from real teeth. Dental implants are made of a special titanium metal fusing to the jawbone, fixing them in the gums. This means they do not move while talking or eating, making it easy to eat and speak confidently. Additionally, dental implants in Vancouver help restore one’s smile and self-confidence. When teeth are lost, individuals may feel self-conscious and appear older while smiling. But with dental implants, individuals can regain their youthful smile and attractive appearance.

Another tooth replacement option that is so popular and widely used is called dentures in Vancouver. Dentures are actually the traditional type to replace missing teeth. Long ago, it was the only solution for those who suffered from missing teeth. If you have lost many or all of your natural teeth, this type of cosmetic dental treatment can be a good solution for you.

 Removing Stained Teeth 

 The color of your teeth can significantly impact your appearance, and addressing tooth discoloration is essential. However, it is important to determine the cause of the discoloration to achieve the desired result. Different types of discoloration require different bleaching processes, so it is crucial to assess the cause accurately. External factors such as food and drink, including tea, coffee, and food additives, can cause teeth discoloration. Smoking and poor oral hygiene can also lead to deep, long-term staining. Generally, teeth bleaching or teeth whitening in Vancouver is more effective on external discoloration caused by tea, coffee, and cigarettes. When teeth are developing, their color can change due to excessive fluoride or exposure to tetracycline antibiotics. Tooth decay is another common cause of internal discoloration. In this case, dental veneers in Downtown Vancouver will be suggested.

Removing Stained Teeth

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