When Getting an X-ray Is Necessary?

One of the most common staples of dental appointments is taking X-ray images. However, it makes some patients worried as they don’t have enough information about dental X-rays. The fact is your dentist can’t get all the necessary information unless they take these useful images from your mouth. X-ray images help your dentist understand your situation and detect dental problems in the early stages. Based on these images, your dentist can create the most suitable treatment plan giving you the ideal smile you’ve always wanted. Our specialists at M2 Dental use X-ray images as a crucial step of initial examination to prevent possible problems in the future and become properly informed about your oral condition. X-ray images allow your dentist in downtown Vancouver to see parts of your oral anatomy that aren’t visible to the naked eye in order to offer suitable dental care in several ways. If you don’t know why your dentist wants to get X-ray dental images again, continue to read this blog to get the answers you are searching for.

Detecting Cavities

One of the most typical emergency dental services in Vancouver among children and adults is tooth cavities. A sugary diet and poor oral hygiene are two important causes of rental cavities that can seriously damage your tooth structure. If you leave dental cavities untreated, you will face more serious oral issues such as periodontal disease or infection. Therefore, it’s better to treat cavities in the early stages to save your shiny smile. Dentists use X-rays to detect cavities between teeth, underneath tooth fillings, and other hard-to-see areas.

Identifying Serious Oral Health Problems

It’s impossible for your dentist to carefully asses all parts of your mouth with the naked eye. Therefore, taking X-rays is essential to examine deeper layers of your oral condition. Conditions like dental abscesses, cracked teeth, jawbone loss, impacted wisdom teeth, and cysts can all get illuminated by X-ray images.

Developing a Dental Record

Sometimes you have no preference but to change your dentist due to different circumstances. No matter if you visit a dentist for cosmetic dental services in Vancouver or to handle a dental emergency, you should provide your dental records at the first step. Your new dentist should have all the needed information before starting any treatment. Furthermore, they may ask you to take a few X-rays so they can assess your oral condition at this moment.

Planning for Complicated Treatments

Some specific dental procedures are more complicated than others, such as dentures in Vancouver, orthodontic treatments, dental implants, etc. A dentist of implants in Vancouver should carefully plan for your treatment process before moving a step forward. In such cases, X-rays give specialists valuable information about the state and structure of your teeth. For instance, patients with insufficient jawbones can’t be good candidates, and bone graft surgery is needed.

Assessing Your Bite

If your teeth are crooked, you may think about cosmetic veneers or orthodontic treatment to fix your smile. Before starting any treatment, your dentist should take X-rays to gain enough information about your upper and lower teeth lineup. Moreover, all potential issues will be detected, and a suitable treatment plan will be created by your dentist.

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