What Are the Top Benefits of Floride Therapy for Adults?

If you are a parent, you probably know how dentists emphasize the importance of fluoride therapy for children. It’s very beneficial for their oral health and helps their permanent teeth to grow much better. But have you ever been curious about the benefits of adult fluoride therapy? Unfortunately, many think it’s a specific treatment for children, and other patients with older age can’t demand it. It’s a common myth, and our dentists at M2 Dental can explain the correct information about this case and guide you through it if you would like to experience fluoride therapy. It has many advantages for adults and is important to preserve a healthy mouth. It can even control a broad range of dental problems and let you enjoy a healthy smile for a long period. With all these, it’s vital to know the amazing positive effects of fluoride treatment as an adult. Today’s blog lists its benefits to help you understand how it is important for all adults!

It Helps You Regain the Minerals in Your Teeth

The acid in your mouth is more damaging than having a cracked tooth caused by a serious impact on your face. It’s an important fact many people don’t know. Your teeth are made from many important minerals like calcium and phosphorus. That’s why these minerals are vital if you want to have a healthy and shiny smile. Otherwise, your teeth become weak, and you are more likely to experience oral health issues. During fluoride therapy, all these lost minerals are back in your teeth and make them strong again. Our cosmetic dentist in Vancouver calls this process remineralization, which can maintain healthy, strong teeth for a long period.

It Saves You Money

The most reasonable manner to avoid serious dental emergencies and issues is to seek preventative dental services. Fluoride treatment keeps your teeth always in the best shape, which can reduce the risk of further problems. Many dental procedures, like titanium dental implants or root canals, are very expensive and time-consuming. As a result, it’s always better to prevent them as much as possible.

It Protects the Enamel

The enamel is always more prone to get damaged rather than other parts of the tooth. Acidic beverages can make them enamel worn down and more likely to get infected. It also raises the risk of periodontal disease that will need periodontal treatment, tooth decay, cavities, and other severe health issues. Fluoride therapy can reduce your teeth’ sensitivity to acidic beverages and make them significantly stronger.

It Prevents Tooth Decay

Before fluoride therapy, your dentist is required to perform a comprehensive oral cleaning and checkup to make your mouth completely prepared. As a result, your dentist can detect any early signs of tooth decay or cavities in order to treat them in the early stages. Moreover, fluoride therapy can remove all harmful bacteria in your mouth, lowering the chance of dental decay.

It’s a Natural Preventative Method

Fluoride can make your teeth healthier, and that’s why it’s a natural substance in oceans and groundwater. It can also prevent halitosis, decay, and tooth discoloration.

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Complications of Not Replacing Missing Teeth

  • Empty spaces from missing teeth can lead to neighboring teeth shifting over time, affecting bite alignment and overall oral health. This misalignment may force you to receive Invisalign treatment or other expensive orthodontic approaches.
  • The absence of tooth roots due to missing teeth can cause gradual bone loss in the jaw. It can result in changes in facial structure, making a person appear older and affecting the fit of dentures or potential future implant placement.
  • Gaps between teeth can become food traps, increasing the danger of plaque buildup and periodontal disease, as well as tooth decay. It can further lead to gum inflammation, halitosis (bad breath), and potential tooth loss.
  • Missing teeth can disturb your ability to chew properly, affecting digestion and overall nutrition. Inadequate chewing can also place additional stress on remaining teeth, leading to wear and tear. Fortunately, a worn tooth can be restored by a cosmetic dental veneer or crown perfectly.
  • Tooth loss can result in sunken cheeks and cosmetic improvements due to bone resorption. It can impact the overall appearance and contribute to premature aging.
  • Misaligned teeth from missing ones can lead to TMJ issues, causing pain, headaches, and discomfort in the jaw joint area. It’s highly recommended to wear custom mouthguards after replacing teeth if you have experienced TMJ problems before.

Investing in your oral health today can prevent potential complications in the future.

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