Unlocking the Optimal Benefits of a Tooth Implant

Lost teeth can lead to adverse challenges to oral health or even overall well-being if you neglect to replace them promptly. Their adverse effects extend beyond cosmetic issues, impacting your ability to bite and chew food or speak fluently. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers effective dental restoration methods to address this common oral issue. However, Implant surgery has gained popularity due to its ability to deliver enduring and authentically natural results.

If you’re facing the challenge of one or multiple lost teeth, consult our highly dedicated dental professionals at M2 Dental to determine whether dental implants in Vancouver suit your needs.

This informative blog offers valuable insights into how this innovative treatment keeps your oral health in proper shape.

Empowering Chewing Ability & Enhancing Smile Through a Tooth Implant Process

A prevalent choice for replacing lost teeth is a surgical implant procedure. However, in our clinic, we professionally provide dentures in Downtown vancouver and teeth bridges for those looking for non-surgical options that suit their budgets.

In this successful procedure, a precision-placed metal post is inserted into the patient’s jawbone to effectively restore natural tooth roots’ function. A substantial recovery period follows the installation of the metal fixture to allow for proper fusion with the jawbone.

Finally, you should make your last appointment to receive a crown created well to look like natural teeth. Our expert dental team uses top-quality materials to provide affordable, long-lasting dental crowns in Vancouver. Below is a list of precious benefits brought by implanted teeth for individuals seeking additional information to confirm they are on the right path.

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Preventing Severe Oral Concerns, Like Bone loss

Bone loss is a common severe oral condition that may occur if you leave lost teeth untreated.

There’s no reason to worry if it is determined you suffer from bone loss because we provide successful bone-grafting surgery in Downtown Vancouver to strengthen the affected sites. Therefore, your jawbone can keep the implanted teeth strong and stable.

Significantly Promoting Your Oral Health

Unlike dental bridges, implant treatments don’t need the help and support of adjacent teeth to function properly. Consequently, more natural teeth are preserved, contributing to long-term oral health.

Moreover, a single-tooth implant can enhance your oral hygiene by making it easier to access spaces between teeth. Therefore, you are less prone to experience tooth decay or infection after filling the gaps between your teeth with implant surgery. Nevertheless, M2 Dental is recognized for delivering high-quality teeth fillings in Vancouver to address dental decay cavities. Our advanced dentistry instruments are also employed for pain-free root canal therapy in Downtown Vancouver to treat infected teeth.

Looking & Functioning Like Permanent Teeth

A dental implant offers a perfect chewing experience closely mimicking permanent teeth, surpassing other restorative options such as traditional dentures or bridges. Additionally, it can contribute to maintaining your speech patterns by addressing gaps in your teeth that may otherwise impact the airflow during speech. Take the next step by giving us a call for a consultation with our skilled cosmetic dentist in Vancouver.

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