Top 4 Risks of Teeth Whitening

May 08, 2019

There’s a lot of information about teeth whitening in vancouver, but not much is known about the risks of it. Cosmetic dental professionals speak to their patients about whitening services without letting them know about any potential risks, but these should be highly covered. By knowing the risks, patients can reduce the likelihood of damaging their teeth. Some of the concerns you should know about when bleaching your teeth have been outlined below by M2 Dental professionals near you.


Patients may have tooth damage that causes oversensitivity when teeth are exposed to the bleaching solutions in kits. Before using teeth whitening kits, patients should have their mouths examined by a dentist to make sure any health concerns are addressed before exposing teeth to the chemicals in whitening agents.

Gum Irritation

When using bleaching products bought from the store, there is no way to know if it is right for you. Due to how kits must be held against teeth, there is a chance that the tray will not fit perfectly in the mouth. When this happens, the gums may be exposed to irritating chemicals that cause damage to their tissues. When whitening with dental professionals, a tray is used that has been custom-fitted to your teeth to avoid irritation.

Uneven Results

If your teeth are highly stained, bleaching can cause the color of teeth to become uneven. After bleaching, patients may not know that they should be avoiding certain drinks and foods that could lead to stains developing on freshly whitened teeth. A dentist will need to provide information as well as techniques to keep teeth whiter and brighter.

Over Bleaching

Using bleaching products too often can cause something known as over-bleaching. Your dental professional will recommend how often teeth should be bleached to avoid damaging the enamel and causing other issues, such as irritation.

If you want your teeth to be whiter, visit M2 Dental and schedule an appointment with a dental professional with the skills and training to make sure your teeth are brightened several shades in just one visit. Call the office and schedule an appointment with our dentist today.

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