Situations That a Dentist May Recommend Sedation Dentistry

You may see many people who are afraid of dentistry and tend to avoid visiting their dentist as much as possible. Not visiting your dentist due to personal reasons like fear of dentistry can have awful consequences you don’t want to experience. Even if you do not like visiting a dentist, sedation dentistry can be helpful for you. At M2 Dental Clinic in Vancouver, professionals are trained and educated in sedation dentistry, allowing them to beneficially use sedative techniques whenever needed. Furthermore, the application of sedation dentistry is much more than making stressed patients relaxed. The role of sedation medicine in different fields of dentistry is significant as it makes the procedure much easier for you to endure and for your dentist to perform. Another primary usage of sedation dentistry is to induce a state of extreme relaxation during complicated dental procedures such as wisdom tooth removal in Vancouver to minimize the sensitivity of pain. However, just some specific situations may require the help of sedation dentistry. Not all patients need to be sedated for every procedure, but patients of all ages can potentially benefit from it under certain circumstances that we will explain.

Gum and Teeth Sensitivity

Your teeth and gums can be sensitive due to a variety of reasons beyond or under your control. Most patients with sensitive teeth and gums usually struggle with dental problems like periodontal disease, tooth decay, or underlying medical conditions such as diabetes. Leaving sensitive teeth and gums can also lead to other serious dental emergencies, so the best thing is to visit your dentist. In such cases, your dentist is required to use sedation techniques so the sensitivity can be relieved to facilitate the essential treatment.

More Efficient Process

 It’s not desirable to see you need to schedule multiple appointments to perform and complete all required dental works, especially when for procedures like root canal treatment in Vancouver that is considered complicated. Thanks to the sedation, your tolerance can be significantly increased, and it becomes possible to complete all the work in one visit. However, you can’t expect all dentists to be able to complete the process in one appointment with the help of sedative medicine. Some cosmetic dental Services in Vancouver like dental implants force you to visit your implant dentist in Vancouver for multiple visits, and you need to accept it if you want to achieve your dream smile.

Gag Reflex

The gag reflex is a condition that prevents you from swallowing foreign objects, leading to suffocation in severe cases. Patients who suffer from gag reflex can’t even experience simple treatments like teeth whitening without proper sedation. Your dentist knows which sedation can make you relax to continue the treatment process without any problems.

Difficulty Sitting Still

Some dental treatments like teeth fillings or cosmetic veneers can last an hour or more. Patients must remain as still as possible, or they can disturb the process. In these situations, sedation can be significantly helpful, especially for children or people with specific disabilities.

Although sedation methods have many incredible benefits, they are not suitable for all patients. Your dentist observes your medical condition and history and checks everything with the help of X-rays and other equipment to ensure you can be a candidate.

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