Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, BC

Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, BC

Your teeth may begin to look dull or yellow over the years. This can be due to several factors including aging and activities like smoking and drinking dark liquids. With teeth whitening, you can make your teeth look as if they have never gotten stained and have a dazzling smile. The professional staff at M2 Dental in Vancouver provides patients with effective whitening for their teeth.

How Whitening Works

When your teeth are whitened, the color of the inside of teeth and the outside is bleached. This removes stains and discoloration from teeth, brightening them. Intrinsic stains are located within the enamel on what is known as dentin, which shows through enamel once it has gotten thin. Dentin can be bleached so that it appears whiter.

Extrinsic whitening removes stains on the outer part of teeth, typically caused by activities like drinking wine or coffee and smoking tobacco on a regular basis. The best teeth whitening treatment can get rid of both extrinsic and intrinsic stains for brighter teeth.

Teeth Whitening Facts to Know

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure, but it always good to be educated before making a decision. If you have gotten teeth whitened or are thinking about bleaching them, there are some facts you should keep in mind.

  • There can be sensitivity that occurs after teeth have been whitened. It can occur with both in-office procedures and teeth whitening kits used at home. It will typically subside within 24 hours, but pain relievers can be taken if the pain is too severe.
  • You will need to whiten your teeth in the future if you want them to keep the whiteness they gained after whitening treatment. Discoloration is unavoidable because it occurs as we age, eat, and drink.
  • Tooth color can rebound after treatment is done. You may have reached your desired shade during treatment, but it is recommended to go a shade higher because teeth will relapse by a shade or so after getting whitened.

At M2 Dental, we make sure your treatment is effective and you get to the shade you desire. You can walk around Vancouver with no insecurity about your smile or teeth with the advanced whitening technology in our office.

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