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Muscle Relaxants/Facial Regeneration in Vancouver, BC

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile and a gorgeous face. It can help build confidence and boost self-esteem. Muscle relaxants and facial regeneration can go a long way towards helping you achieve the appearance that you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in reducing the lines of your face without having to have any surgical procedures done, then you’re in luck. There are facial rejuvenation options that can help soften your wrinkles and give you a far more youthful look.

There are benefits of having this procedure done by a dentist in downtown vancouver. Dentists have a lot of knowledge and comprehension about your face’s anatomy. This is a delicate process that they can handle in a very precise way. Our practice uses an injectable aesthetic solution in the form of muscle relaxants to help achieve the desired results.
Once the solution is injected into the skin, it will begin relaxing the various facial muscles, which are the culprits for expression lines. It works by creating a block from the nerve impulses. This results in a much smoother skin appearance.

There are various areas of the face that you can consider getting treated. These include frown lines. Those are the lines that may have formed between your eyebrows. You can also consider addressing crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Going one step further, you can choose if you want the lines around your lips and mouth taken care of.

The injections are done quickly and are generally painless. It usually takes about five to ten minutes and will require no antiseptic. You can usually see the results within a few days. The effects of the treatment will wear off over time, as it’s not a permanent solution, and you may need to be re-treated every three months for optimum results.

Facial muscle relaxant injections will still allow for your natural expressions on your face to shine through. You can get a consult with your dentist and work out a plan that’s tailored specifically for you. The recovery time is very low, and you should be able to return to everyday activities immediately. Tenderness or bruising around the injection sites might be experienced. Your dentist will talk about your aftercare at your appointment.

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