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Gum Grafting in Vancouver, BC

To help correct gum recession, you may be interested in a type of dental surgery called gum grafting. It is a quick and fairly simple surgery. Our periodontist in downtown Vancouver will remove healthy gum tissue from parts of the mouth and use it to build the gum back up where it has receded.

Gum recession affects 4 to 12 percent of people. A gum graft might be necessary to protect your teeth. To have a professional examine the problem, book an appointment at M2Dental in Vancouver.

What Does the Procedure Consist Of?

There are three distinctive kinds of gum tissue grafts. A dentist will decide on one based on your needs.

It’s not uncommon for some people to become anxious when they learn they need to have wisdom teeth removal. Many of us have heard stories from friends, family, or co-workers about the process and their own personal experiences with wisdom teeth removal in Downtown Vancouver.

What Is Involved When Recovering from Gum Grafting?

You can go home after the procedure is done. However, if your dentist gives you a sedative, you will need find someone to drive you. Do not brush or floss near where the gum line was fixed until it has completely healed. For a couple of weeks after, stick to a soft foods diet.

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If you have receding gums, you can get a gum graft to correct it. Although this procedure can be done for cosmetic reasons, it is also important to have it performed to prevent any diseases or cavities. Book your appointment at M2Dental, best dental clinic in downtown Vancouver now!

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