Dental Veneers in Vancouver, BC

Dental Veneers in Vancouver, BC

Dental Veneers to Improve Your Smile in Vancouver

Having a beautiful and healthy smile can easily boost an individual’s levels of self esteem. Our staff at M2 Dental is eager to provide patients with a wide range of cosmetic and restorative treatment options that improve the function and appearance of smiles. Dental veneers have been used for many years to correct different issues that affect the enamel of a tooth. Our team continues to use high quality materials to deliver only the very best and newest care to individuals in the Vancouver area. Continue reading on to learn more about dental veneers and see how they can transform your smile.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are made out of thin materials of porcelain that closely match the natural look and feel of a tooth’s enamel. They are attached to the individual tooth as a way to enhance the appearance and improve the function of the teeth. The porcelain also reflects the light in a similar way as enamel does in order to maintain a naturally dazzling smile. If you are looking to correct different issues that are affecting your teeth, then dental veneers might be the perfect solution.

What Issues Can Dental Veneers Correct?

Dental veneers are ideal for a wide range of circumstances and help to correct issues such as crooked, overlapping, or gapped teeth. Teeth that have yellow or dark stains can also benefit from dental veneers. This is especially ideal for individuals who cannot reap the benefits of professional teeth whitening.

What is Involved in the Application Process?

Prior to beginning the application process, your dentist will schedule a consultation for you. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to reiterate what you are looking to achieve from a new treatment. Once your dentist creates a personalized treatment plan just for you, the will begin by removing a small layer of the enamel in order to make room for the new veneer. The porcelain veneer will be shaped to the tooth and securely attached for a lasting foundation.

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