Dental Implants in Vancouver, BC

Dental Implants in Vancouver, BC

Dental implant restorations have taken over the world of tooth replacement. M2 Dental is a practice dedicated to installing high-quality tooth implants in Vancouver to restore healthy and attractive smiles.

Dental Implants Near Me

Implantation services in Vancouver replace lost teeth, restore proper mouth function and aesthetic appeal. Missing teeth affect chewing ability, your bite, and your good looks. Tooth implants at M2 Dental are now easier than ever to place, and the benefits are great. Titanium prosthetic roots prevent shifting, stimulate jaw bone and prevent disintegration. Dental implants in Vancouver help preserve the structure of your face and by filling out the jaw.

Tooth Implants in Vancouver

Implants consist of replacement tooth roots that get surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The titanium postsare placed to stabilize a variety of dental appliances. Once inserted, a dental implant is secure and stable as it fuses with the natural bone.

Dental implants in Vancouver help secure fixed bridges, full dentures, and one or more false teeth. This reduces the need for available natural teeth to stabilize a dental device, reducing the stress on soft tissues and surrounding healthy teeth.

Dental Implant Treatment in Vancouver

Implant restorations at M2 Dental can resolve the following oral health concerns:

  • A Single Missing Tooth: One dental implant can be inserted with a tooth crown to replace one missing tooth and root.
  • Several Lost Teeth:Multiple implant posts can be placed to stabilize more than one porcelain crown.
  • Full Mouth Replacement: Implantation services provide a stable foundation for fixed bridges, single prosthetics, or complete dentures. You can even replace mouthful of teeth with implant-supported dental crowns.

Implant Restorations at M2 Dental

If your missing teeth are making you feel down about your appearance, or if you want to be able to chew without difficulty, dental implants may be the right solution for you. Contact M2 Dental today and schedule a free implant consultation. We are here waiting to restore your beautiful smile!

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