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Dental Crowns Downtown Vancouver

Dental Crowns in Coal Harbour

Dental crowns play a crucial role in restorative dentistry and improve your teeth’ health, longevity, appearance, and strength. Patients requiring dental crowns in downtown Vancouver can count on our experts at M2 Dental Clinic in Downtown vancouver. We make every effort to create the healthy smile you deserve through top-quality dental crowns and provide you with the most positive dental visit experience. Those who receive dental crowns in our downtown Vancouver clinic will face no complications during and after their treatment. We apply state-of-the-art dental techniques and the highest quality materials when offering dental crowns in Coal Harbour, downtown Vancouver. Contact our dental clinic for a free consultation.

Top-Quality Dental Crowns in Downtown Vancouver

Dental crowns are restorative dental appliances that fit over a damaged tooth or teeth. Crowns, also called dental caps, completely cover the entire tooth, including the chewing surface. Restoring a tooth’s ability to chew correctly is only one benefit of dental crown treatment in downtown Vancouver from M2 Dental. Dental crowns reinforce damaged or decayed teeth. Teeth can also become brittle due to large dental fillings or root canal therapy in downtown vancouver. Crowns prevent the tooth from fracturing or splitting. If you are looking for a trusted and well-equipped clinic for a dental crown as a downtown Vancouver patient, M2 Dental is the right destination. Get in touch with our team for more information.

Materials for dental crowns

You have choices regarding the material your dental crowns or dental veneers are made from. You and your dentist at M2 Dental will discuss the merits and drawbacks of each possible selection. You can choose from porcelain, ceramic, and metal alloys. You can also get porcelain-fused-to-metal.

Once you’ve chosen your crown’s material, it’s time for placement. Your dentist will anesthetize the tooth or teeth to be crowned and all surrounding gum tissue. If necessary, your dentist will shape your natural tooth to accommodate the crown using a burr-fitted drill. This process is painless. Once the re-shaping is finished, your dentist will put a temporary crown over the shaped “peg.” At this point, our cosmetic dentist in downtown vancouver will have taken precise measurements of your tooth. Those measurements are then sent to a dental lab where your dental crown in Coal Harbour, downtown Vancouver is made. Some dentists have labs that use 3D material printers to prepare your permanent crown immediately. Your permanent crown is placed at your final visit after the professional dentist at M2 Dental removes your temporary crown.

Dental crowns strengthen damaged or weakened teeth after an emergency dental services in downtown vancouver. They also look great. Having crowns placed isn’t a hassle. The procedure is straightforward and simple. With downtown Vancouver crowns from M2 Dental, your teeth will look their best and last for many years to come. Book an appointment with us today.

FAQs for Dental Crowns

Every dental patient may have a set of questions related to dental crowns in downtown Vancouver that confuses his mind. That is why M2 Dental’s professional team has done its best to answer patients’ frequently asked questions as much as possible. If the list below does not address the question that is on your mind, get in touch with our dental experts and consult them. 

The lifetime of a dental crown highly depends on its quality and maintenance. Generally, if you have gone for a quality dental crown applied with a professional and experienced dentist, and if you take care of it properly and ideally, it can last from 15 to even 30 years. When you recieve a dental crown in downtown Vancouver, our dedicated carting team will provide you with some helpful tips for better care. 

The cost of dental crowns can vary depending on the area you are living in, the material type, and other influential factors. In case you desire to know more about the cost of dental crowns in downtown Vancouver offered by M2 Dental, contact us at 604-330-4066. 

No, dental crowns are not considered permanent treatments. But as mentioned earlier, they can last long if cared for properly. 

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