Dental Crowns in Vancouver, BC

Dental Crowns in Vancouver, BC

Dental crowns are restorative dental appliances that fit over a damaged tooth or teeth. Crowns, also called dental caps, completely cover the entire tooth, including the chewing surface. Restoring a tooth’s ability to chew correctly is only one benefit of dental crowns from M2 Dental in Vancouver. Dental crowns reinforce damaged or decayed teeth. Teeth can also become brittle due to large fillings or root canals. Crowns prevent the tooth from fracturing or splitting.

Materials for dental crowns

You have choices when it comes to the material your dental crowns are made from. You and your dentist at M2 Dental in Vancouver will discuss the merits and drawbacks of each possible selection. You can choose from porcelain, ceramic, and metal alloys. You can also get porcelain-fused-to-metal.

  • Porcelain and ceramic look like natural teeth but can be expensive.
  • Metal crowns are very long-lasting and durable but don’t look like natural teeth.
  • Fused-to-metal porcelain crowns are very strong but can wear down teeth opposite to them. They can also chip, exposing the metal underneath.

Once you’ve chosen your crown’s material, it’s time for placement. Your dentist will anesthetize the tooth or teeth to be crowned and all surrounding gum tissue. If necessary, your dentist will shape your natural tooth to accommodate the crown using a burr fitted drill. This process is painless. Once the re-shaping is finished, your dentist will put a temporary crown over the shaped “peg.” At this point, your local dentist in Vancouver will have taken precise measurements of your tooth. Those measurements are then sent on to a dental lab where your crown will be made. Some dentists have labs that use 3D material printers to prepare your permanent crown immediately. At your final visit, your permanent crown is placed after your dentist at M2 Dental removes your temporary crown.

Dental crowns strengthen damaged or weakened teeth. They also look great. Having crowns placed isn’t a hassle. The procedure is straightforward and simple. With crowns from M2 Dental in Vancouver, your teeth will look their best and last for many years to come. Book an appointment with us today.

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