Dental Bridges in Vancouver, BC

Dental Bridges in Vancouver, BC

Is there a gap in your smile left by a missing tooth? If there is, a dental bridge may be right for you. This process typically involves having the two teeth on either side of the gap crowned, and a false tooth, or teeth placed in between. Pay a visit to M2 Dental in Vancouver for more information regarding dental bridges.

Potential Benefits of Dental Bridging

Several symptoms can be ameliorated by having a dental bridge put in place. When teeth are missing a person’s bite force may not be distributed properly. Not only can a bridge bring a smile back to life, it can also restore the patient’s ability to speak and chew properly. If a gap is allowed to remain for long enough without being bridged, the teeth surrounding the gap may drift out of place and the jawline might become permanently misshapen.

The Process of Dental Bridging

First, any decayed enamel must be removed on the abutment teeth, the teeth on either side of the gap, to make room for solid crowns. During the same visit that the abutment teeth are reformed, a mold will be taken for both the crowns and the bridge. A temporary bridge will be put in place until the dentist can get the permanent bridge back from the lab. The temporary bridge is removed, then the permanent bridge is fitted and adjusted if necessary during follow up visits (fixed bridges will be cemented in place).

Types of Dental Bridges

Bridges can be made of several different materials including gold, composite alloys, and porcelain. These range in prices and levels of durability. In the past, before it was discovered that they could put undue pressure on surrounding teeth, cantilever bridges were more popular in the back of the mouth where there was not a tooth on either side of the missing tooth. Maryland bonded bridges are bridges which use porcelain or metal wings frameworks to bond the pontics (false teeth).

If you are ready to bridge the gap in your smile and avoid some of the unfortunate consequences of missing teeth, then visit M2 Dental in Vancouver to receive your dental bridge.

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