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Dental Bonding in Vancouver, BC

When faced with the challenge of an injured or broken tooth, a lot of us may first think about the cost, time and maybe even possible pain that it is going to cost us to get this tooth fixed. If this is something you have recently had to deal with due to an injury or tooth decay, have no fear! Dental bonding is here to save the day with a quick, affordable and easy solution that everyone in the family can experience in the case of an emergency! Let’s take a look at what dental bonding is and why it may be the solution you’ve been looking for all along!

What is Dental Bonding?

A composite resin is used in the process of dental bonding to fix a fractured or decayed tooth structure. This material is often used because of its similarity to the natural tooth color, and its ability to repair discolored or chipped teeth in order to make them look more attractive and longer. Dental bonding is typically used as a cosmetic dental procedure as it is able to fix both anything lacking in the tooth function or aesthetic appearance. Dental bonding is even used sometimes to protect a portion of the tooth root that is visible after a series of gum receding.

Is Dental Bonding Right for You?

Dental bonding may be the ideal solution for you if you have had any of the following injuries or dental conditions in the past or even more recently:

If you have found a place on the previous list that applies to you and your teeth, then it may be time to visit a local dentist in order to seek the restorative help that you desperately need. Not all dentists are created equal, meaning not each dental practice is a one-stop shop in which you can see help for a variety of ailments. However, here at M2 Dental Services in downtown vancouver, we do all we can to provide the residents of Vancouver with the dental help they need at a moment’s notice. If you are on the search for a dental professional that is both gentle and efficient in how they treat their patients, give our Vancouver dental office a call today!

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