Bone Grafting in Vancouver, BC

Bone Grafting in Vancouver, BC

Are you missing a few, most or all of your teeth in a row? Considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile but have been told you aren’t a candidate? At M2 Dental we are proud to offer bone grafting in Vancouver, a treatment option which allows your dentist to create a proper foundation for dental implant placement. Not sure if bone grafting would be the right option for you and your smile? Feel free to contact M2 Dental for a consultation, we would be happy to evaluate your smile and overall oral health to determine if bone grafting in Vancouver would be the best option for you.

About Bone Grafting

During a bone grafting procedure, bone taken from the patient, a donor, an animal or even that is synthetically made is used to restore the bone density which has been lost due to having missing teeth. During the procedure, an incision will be made in order to properly access the bone, allowing your dentist to apply the new bone solution.

Following the procedure, it will take a bit for the area to properly heal and bond with the existing bone. Once the area has been fully healed, dental implants can then be securely and permanently placed.

Why Bone Grafting?

Did you know that having missing teeth actually impacts more than just the appearance of your smile? Having missing teeth actually results in demineralization and bone loss, causing the bone between the mouth and sinus cavity to become thinner over time, in some cases even connecting the mouth and sinus cavity. Bone grafting can restore this missing bone, creating an environment where dental implants can be properly placed.

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Think that your smile and overall oral health would benefit from bone grafting in Vancouver? Contact M2 Dental today, we are always welcoming new patients at our dental clinic and would be happy to get you on our schedule for a consultation to determine if bone grafting near you is the best option for your smile.

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