Questions to Ask Your Dentist and Understand If You Need Crowns

If you search for effective ways to enhance your smile, don’t forget about cosmetic dentistry! These days, many people visit a cosmetic dentist to find the most suitable methods in order to fix their dental imperfections. Your smile is your signature, so it’s normal to find yourself willing to visit a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists provide their patients with a variety of dental treatments to meet their needs in the best way possible. It’s highly recommended to visit our experienced dentist at M2 Dental as they can offer you the best and most effective cosmetic dental services, just like what you’ve always wanted. Among all different cosmetic treatments, dental crowns are significantly popular in restoring damaged smiles. Many cosmetic dentists may recommend dental crowns to address different types of dental problems. Oftentimes, patients ask, “do I really need a crown?”. It’s a completely fair question, as cosmetic crowns are expensive, and you have to be careful before making a considerable investment. The reason your dentist in Downtown Vancouver may recommend cosmetic dental crowns is because of their unique benefits. Still, you have all the right to hear your dentist’s explanations about the necessity of getting a dental crown. Here are some helpful questions to ask your cosmetic dentist and understand whether crowns are really suitable for you.

What are my available options?

Generally, there are many different options to treat a specific dental problem. In most cases, a crown isn’t your only option, and other cosmetic dental Services in Vancouver can also be helpful. For instance, fillings can fix a decayed tooth as well as a dental crown. However, a tooth filling doesn’t prevent you from needing a crown later on. Another alternative for dental crowns is veneers that are amazingly beneficial. The critical point is that cosmetic veneers can’t be effective enough if your problem is too severe. Dental crowns can provide more protection and coverage and are more beautiful on your tooth.

Do I need to undergo root canal treatment?

One of the most severe emergency dental services in Vancouver is a severely infected and inflamed tooth. In such conditions, the infection spreads into your tooth pulp, leading to serious complications like tooth loss, bone loss, tooth abscess, etc. In order to save your damaged tooth, root canal treatment is necessary. Typically, most dentists prefer to cover the tooth with a crown after the root canal for more protection and improve the appearance of your smile.

How can you explain the necessity of getting a dental crown?

Your dentist is required to explain the reasons for getting a crown simply to show why this treatment is needed. You can ask your dentist for X-ray images for more information.

What are the complications of waiting?

  • Nothing will happen. In some cases, crowns are used to improve the look of your smile. For instance, patients with severely discolored teeth (professional teeth whitening isn’t effective) may prefer to get dental crowns.
  • Your tooth can get cracked it chipped later.
  • Your tooth can get severely broken, leading to periodontal disease, infection, and other problems.

Your dentist needs to talk to you about these things properly.

In the end, visiting a few dentists is recommended to make sure you are making the right decision!

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