Porcelain Veneers: What Are the Alternatives When You Are Not a Good Candidate?

As you age, you notice some changes in your smile that affect your overall appearance. Besides aging, many other little factors may unpleasantly impact your smile and make you unsatisfied with the way you laugh or talk. Fortunately, many of these issues are solvable thanks to advanced cosmetic dentistry and its huge improvements. You can visit our skillful specialists at M2 Dental for more information about the helpful services you can pick. Among all these options, veneers are significantly popular among patients due to their unique features. If your teeth are slightly cracked, chipped, or stained, you can think about getting these shells and hiding all these imperfections professionally. However, not everyone can be a good and eligible candidate for this process, and you may have no choice but to choose veneer alternatives. Although we offer the highest quality of veneers in Vancouver, we can still guide you through all other selections and alternatives you have to make the wisest decision. Keep reading this blog to gain more information and make your smile flawless.


It’s a non-invasive process that is widely used by our experienced cosmetic specialists in Vancouver to fix dental imperfections. In this process, they use high-quality resin that will be shaped and mimicked to your needs. They apply this customized bonding on the problematic tooth in order to make it look flawless. It’s a dental restoration, and you can find the best tooth bonding in Vancouver by visiting our dental clinic.


In some cases, your professional may recommend you get veneers in order to make your teeth look even and straight. It’s just a suggestion for patients with slight levels of tooth misalignment. If your case is more serious and severe, clear aligners may be a better and more suitable option. We offer the best Invisalign treatment in Vancouver, and our dental specialists guarantee your smile. These clear aligners align your teeth in the safest and most effective way when veneers aren’t the answer.

Teeth Bleaching: 

If you just want veneers to have whiter teeth, it’s time to consider professional bleaching. It’s a quick, affordable, and effective technique to lighten the shade of your stained teeth up to eight degrees. Our dentists offer the best at-office whitening in Vancouver to help you remove those stubborn stains. However, this method is not effective for restorations, and you should tell your dentist if you have amalgam fillings or so on.

Dental Caps: 

These crowns offer more coverage and protection compared to veneers, which only cover the front surface. They are recommended when the damage extent is more serious to be addressed by a veneer. You can visit our professionals if you are looking for quality crown services in Vancouver and don’t know where to visit.


This treatment gives you the opportunity to shape and contour your teeth the way you desire. It’s also a part of our Vancouver smile makeover services because it provides amazing aesthetic and health benefits.

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