Popular Dental Treatments to Handle Dental Emergencies

Most dental problems can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene. However, some conditions are unavoidable and occur unexpectedly. Dental emergencies can make you extremely shocked when they happen in the worst place and time possible. That’s why having enough control over the situation and staying calm are necessary in order to preserve your oral health. Most people don’t know how to manage a dental emergency, leading to unpleasant consequences. Our professionals at M2 Dental offer the highest quality emergency dental care services to save your shiny smile. A dental emergency may cause you to miss tons of work and tasks and disturb your everyday routines. In such conditions, you must visit an experienced emergency dentist before it gets too late. A dental emergency is educated and trained for years to address dental emergencies and restore smiles. Fortunately, some are usually available at weekends, holidays, and midnights to help patients with unexpected dental emergencies at the wrong time. Today’s blog lists some common treatments an emergency dentist in Vancouver may perform to restore your oral health after a dental emergency.

Dental trauma treatment

 A trauma or hit to your mouth is a common dental emergency with many severe complications. Such cases have the potential to dislodge your teeth and cause bleeding. That’s why emergency dentists recommend athletes wear customized mouthguards when playing sports to protect their mouths from impact. If you visit an emergency dentist immediately after dislodging or knocking out a tooth, it may still be possible to save it. You should also rinse the tooth with water or milk and put it inside the cheek to keep it wet. If your emergency dentist can’t save the tooth, they may refer you to an implant dentist or other specialists for a tooth replacement.

Damaged tooth restoration repair

 Tooth restorations are popular for repairing a damaged, severely cracked, or decayed tooth. Crowns or tooth-colored fillings in Vancouver are popular dental restorations used in cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile. However, it’s possible to find your porcelain crown or filling lost or damaged, which is considered a serious dental emergency. So, bacteria can invade the exposed tooth tissue and cause inflammation. In such conditions, you may need to visit an endodontist for root canal treatment in Vancouver to remove the infection. Then you can replace or repair the restoration.

Cracked tooth repair

 A cracked, chipped, or broken tooth should be addressed immediately. Biting hard objects, placing extra pressure on your teeth, or dental trauma are common causes of a cracked tooth. Crowns, cosmetic dental veneers, and tooth bonding are popular treatments that may be used to repair a cracked tooth before it can lead to more severe conditions.

Toothache relief

 Different reasons are there to explain dental pain. No matter the cause, you should visit your emergency dentist before a simple toothache can lead to severe periodontal disease and pulpal abscesses. Your emergency dentist examines your mouth using X-ray dental images to find the cause of your toothache, which can be an impacted wisdom tooth, decay, stuck food particles, etc.

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