Jawbone Loss: What Are the Common Causes?

Your ability to chew, talk, and eat is all because of your supportive and healthy jawbone. Furthermore, its sufficiency and strength are so important to your teeth so they can stay in good condition. That’s why jawbone loss can affect different aspects of your oral wellness and even impact your facial structure negatively. Typically, it’s a gradual process with unnoticeable symptoms that many can’t detect. Only experienced dentists with advanced technological tools are dental X-rays are able to catch jawbone loss in the early stages. You have to visit our skilled dentists at M2 Dental, as they can help you detect this condition before it gets too late. It’s so important to address it in the early stages; otherwise, you may even lose your teeth experience facial atrophy, and other serious problems. As a result, you can visit our clinic for the best bone graft services in Vancouver and restore your well-being. There are many reasons explaining this problem, and having enough information can help you avoid such conditions as much as possible. Keep reading and get familiar with the most prevalent causes of jawbone loss.

Periodontal Disease

Although this condition starts affecting your gums first, it can impact your teeth and jawbone eventually. There are many different causes of gum disease, especially poor oral hygiene, which results in plaque buildup. It can cause damaging bacteria colonies that produce harmful acids in your mouth. You can visit our experienced periodontists in Vancouver to manage these issues before they become too advanced.

Tooth Misalignment

It’s much more than just a cosmetic issue and cause you many other problems. Many people suffer from misaligned and crooked teeth, and they usually visit orthodontists to perfect their smiles. Our skilled orthodontists also offer the best Invisalign services in Vancouver for patients with such problems. A fact many don’t know is the effect of poor alignment on the jawbone, which can weaken one’s bite strength and make the lower jawbone not as functional as it should be.

Tooth Loss

No matter if you lose one or more of your teeth due to an accident or extraction, you need to replace them without hesitation. The gaps caused by lost teeth can lead to jawbone deterioration and other serious problems. Fortunately, you have many different options like implants to prevent such conditions and keep your smile always beautiful. You can visit our experienced Vancouver implant dentists to see if you are an eligible candidate.

Health Issues

Some specific health conditions can lead to jawbone loss. For instance, a bacterial infection called osteomyelitis can result in inflammation and death of bone tissues. Moreover, patients who suffer from oral cancer are more likely to experience jawbone deterioration.

Traditional Dentures

Another option you have to replace missing teeth is full or partial dentures. However, traditional dentures are less popular than other options due to their cons. If your dentures are old and sit on top of your gum line, you may experience jawbone loss later. Visit our denture specialists in Vancouver for more information.

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