Important Steps You Should Take to Restore Your Damaged Smile

Your smile is a symbol of your character and also a powerful weapon to impress others in the first meetings. Therefore, everyone seeks effective methods to improve their smiles and feel more confident. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have flawless smiles, and accidents, dental traumas, infections, and other oral problems can make your smile not as attractive as you want. At M2 Dental, our experienced dentists are always ready to provide you with the most beneficial dental care services ever, helping you to achieve a dreamy smile. Many different conditions are making your smile unpleasant such as tooth discoloration, missing teeth, decay, chipped teeth, etc. Thanks to the huge dentistry developments, there is always a great solution to any dental problem, and your cosmetic dentist in Vancouver can customize a treatment plan to restore your beautiful smile. In the first place, you have to be aware of your situation and observe all available options you have. Then it’s time to take action and restore your smile. Today’s blog discusses five important and simple steps you should take to have an attractive smile again.

Step 1: Visit a dentist for a detailed consultation

Whether you visit a family, cosmetic, or emergency dentist in Vancouver, they all have enough knowledge to give you the best recommendations. During the consultation, your dentist gets familiar with what you really want and asks you some questions about your medical records and history. Then, your dentist performs a full oral examination using dental X-ray images and laser to find any underlying issues. This important step allows your dentist to have a comprehensive understanding of your oral condition to design the best treatment plan.

Step 2: Help your dentist create a personalized treatment plan

After understanding your condition, the dentist develops a treatment plan based on your preferences and requirements. You talk to your dentist about everything you want to help them design a better and more effective plan. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Dental crowns: If your tooth is severely decayed, chipped, or cracked, a cosmetic dental crown can restore it. Furthermore, endodontists use crowns after root canal treatment in Vancouver for more protection.
  • Dental implants: Every dentist recommends titanium implants if you have missing teeth. Dental implants can also be combined with tooth bridges or removable dentures to improve results.
  • Fillings: In order to restore a decayed tooth, tooth fillings are the most common treatment option.

Step 3: Receive the needed treatment choosing the most suitable option, it’s time to start the procedure. Your dentist usually uses proper doses of dental sedative medications to make you feel calm and relaxed during the process.

Step 4: Recover from the treatment

You must rest for a few days, especially if you have experienced tooth extraction in Vancouver or oral surgery. Your dentist gives you all the needed instructions to have a good recovery time.

Step 5: Take care of your new smile

It’s necessary to maintain good oral hygiene and schedule to have regular oral cleanings and checkups to protect your new smile. You can also ask your dentist for further treatments, such as fluoride therapy in downtown Vancouver, for more protection.

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Important Steps You Should Take to Restore Your Damaged Smile

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