How Can You Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

How Can You Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

For most people seeing the dentist is not a happy thought but somehow, they manage to make it to the dental chair. However, some individuals are scared to see the dentist to the point of feeling anxious. These people are so scared to see the dentist or get the treatment done that they choose to suffer in pain and discomfort than getting treated. The fear of pain and discomfort makes them averse to the idea of getting dental cleaning, examination, or treatment done.

However, a sigh of relief is that sedation dentistry in Vancouver can help such people in being relaxed throughout the dental procedure. Various types of sedation put you to different levels of sedation. Laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation are used for relaxing people who are scared of dental procedures. The type of sedation is determined by the dentist near you, based on the severity of the procedure and how anxious the patient is feeling.

The sedation dentistry can be used for cosmetic dental care procedures, but you need to consult with your dentist about it as several factors can affect your ability to be sedated such as the history of cardiac disease, being a diabetic, or suffering from a respiratory disease. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of sedation dentistry.

  • Makes the Treatment Quick

Gone are the days when patients required visiting the dental clinic many times for getting the dental procedure done, explains the dentist near you in Vancouver, Columbia. The sedation dentistry has made it possible for the dentists to cover more during a shorter time. The patients remain relaxed and comfortable so the dentists can work for a longer duration without the need for multiple small sessions. This helps in saving time and money for patients.

  • Comfortable

One of the most important benefits of sedation dentistry is that it relaxes anxious people and helps in getting through the procedure. People with sensitive gums and teeth are afraid of what to expect during the appointment. However, sedation dentistry near you makes the session as comfortable as possible. The patient is sedated enough to be unaware of what is going on. Once the patient wakes up, they will feel as if they woke up from a nap and have no memory of the procedure. Even people who are not afraid of seeing the dentist can use sedation which should be confined only to numbing.

  • Helps in Reducing Anxiety

The reason why many people feel anxious about dental visits is the past painful memory that haunts them and they try escaping from that experience. However, sedation would not let them feel any pain or discomfort, so their feeling of anxiousness will go away over time. They will have no memories to be afraid of and soon they will become comfortable with the idea of seeing the dentist for regular cleanings or treatments.

  • You Can Still Respond to Dentist

The sedation dentistry relaxes you but doesn’t make you unconscious. The dentist will still be able to communicate and you would respond. The dentist may ask simple questions to you during the procedure and you may respond well.

Who Needs Sedation Dentistry?

  • General anxiety disorder
  • Sensitive oral nerves
  • Phobia related to dental procedures
  • Those who have small mouth and becomes sore during dental work
  • Resistance to local anesthetic
  • Memory of a past painful experience

Will You Benefit from Sedation?

Only your dentist can determine whether you are the right candidate for sedation or not. you can discuss with them about your concerns as well as medical history so that they can decide.

Preventive Care

Though sedation dentistry has made it easier to go through the dental procedures, it is still important that people practice preventive care and take necessary precautions. Apart from brushing and flossing daily, one must also go for dental cleaning and examination where oral cancer screening will also be performed to see if your dental health is fine. Apart from that, you must make it a point to wear the mouthguard while engaging in any sports or adventure activities. More people need to understand that preventive dental care will eliminate dental issues and the need for dental procedures.

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