Halitosis: What Are the Most Common Reasons?

It’s not a good experience when you meet someone for the first time and smell bad breath while they talk to you. Nobody wants to be that person since bad breath can make you significantly unattractive, and people tend to avoid talking to you. You may be surprised how many people suffer from this problem, which is also known as halitosis, and sometimes it’s hard to treat. Fortunately, our professionals at M2 Dental can guide you through this condition by showing you the most appropriate path to make your breath smell good and fresh. Many think poor oral hygiene is the only cause of halitosis, while there are many other causes explaining this issue. It’s critical to find the underlying root because without detecting the main problem, you wouldn’t be able to treat bad breath.

Our specialists can help you discover the main reason and offer you the best halitosis treatments in Vancouver so you can regain your confidence and enjoy talking to your loved ones. Today’s blog lists the most important things that should be checked when a patient suffers from halitosis.


It’s one of the worst and most damaging habits a person can have since smoking brings many oral health complications. Foul breath is just one of the outcomes of being addicted to cigarettes, and you should prepare yourself to deal with more severe conditions like oral cancer. Fortunately, we have the best oral cancer services in Vancouver, and many visit us to address this issue. Generally speaking, you have to quit smoking if you want your breath to be fresh.

Gum Problems

Plaque buildup on the teeth leads to serious levels of periodontal disease. It’s very important to have these conditions treated in the early stages; otherwise, you need a more complicated treatment plan. Our experienced Vancouver periodontists always explain how halitosis is one of the important signs of this problem, and you shouldn’t ever neglect it. If you have swollen, red, and irritated gums, you should visit our professionals immediately.

Certain Diet

You really need to be careful about what you eat because some specific foods and drinks can cause halitosis. They make your mouth dry, which is a very suitable condition for harmful bacteria. Furthermore, they can stain your teeth and make your smile significantly unattractive. After fixing your diet with the help of our skillful dentists, you can ask for Vancouver bleaching services if your teeth are also discolored because of your old, unhealthy diet.


It’s the most prevalent dental emergency, and halitosis is one of the symptoms of a decayed tooth. Our Vancouver emergency dentists are always ready to repair these types of teeth by using the highest quality dental fillings or other dental restorations according to your requirements.

Dental Procedure

If you have recently undergone dental work, you can expect halitosis. For instance, patients who underwent our Vancouver wisdom tooth removal treatment usually experience a normal level of bleeding, and their sockets get dry, leading to bad breath. You should let your wounds get completely healed and see if your breath smell changes. If it’s still bad and unpleasant, make an appointment to visit a professional.

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