Early Wisdom Tooth Extraction: What Are the Benefits?

The term wisdom tooth extraction may seem scary to most people. Usually, wisdom teeth or third molars appear in early adolescence. In most cases, wisdom teeth should be removed to protect your oral health and smile. Removing your wisdom teeth is a common experience that many people face at some stage in their lives. Fortunately, the process of wisdom tooth removal is much easier these days thanks to the advancements in dentistry and the expertise of dentists. Many people visit our professional dentists at M2 Dental as they are significantly skilled and eligible to provide the best wisdom tooth extraction services. Ignoring your wisdom teeth while they should be removed can lead to severe complications and oral health issues. Tooth misalignment, infection, pain, dental abscess, and tooth decay are some expected consequences of not removing your impacted wisdom tooth at the right time. Even if your wisdom teeth don’t cause symptoms, extraction is still recommended. Here we explain the benefits of wisdom tooth removal in Downtown Vancouver to make you understand the importance of it. Continue to read and gain more information about this treatment and the risks of leaving it untreated.

You won’t need orthodontic treatments later

One of the most serious complications of not removing your impacted wisdom teeth is tooth misalignment. An extra set of wisdom teeth can lead to overcrowding, making your smile unattractive. These days, cosmetic dentists provide different orthodontic procedures that are usually quite expensive, like Invisalign in Downtown Vancouver or braces. Therefore, it’s recommended to remove your wisdom teeth to prevent the need for orthodontic treatments and keep your teeth aligned and beautiful.

Your oral hygiene will be better

A partially erupted wisdom tooth can make your oral hygiene routine significantly challenging. It’s hard to clean wisdom teeth perfectly, increasing the risk of emergency dental Services in Vancouver like tooth decay. Even if you have no symptoms of having your wisdom teeth grown, your oral hygiene routine will be disturbed. You may not detect oral hygiene problems, which is why regular visits with your dentist are helpful. When you visit your dentist for regular dental cleaning and checkup, they can tell you about the damage caused by poor oral hygiene.

Your other teeth will remain healthy

The eruption of wisdom teeth can put much pressure on nearby teeth. The roots of wisdom teeth can damage your other teeth and gums as they are very large and unpredictable. Other complications like infection, tooth decay, or bone loss are possible, forcing you to have complicated treatments like bone or gum grafting, root canal, etc. Specialists at a dental implants center in Downtown Vancouver emphasize that you may also lose your tooth and need to replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

You will get rid of facial pain.

The growth of wisdom teeth can bring you a lot of pain and discomfort all over your face. Wisdom teeth usually make your gums severely inflamed, distributing your everyday routines. In such cases, the risk of periodontal disease is high, especially if you leave your impacted wisdom teeth untreated.

You can visit your dentist for a dental examination to understand whether you need wisdom tooth removal to prevent further problems!

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