Considerable Benefits of Getting a Tooth Filling

These days, many different dental procedures are offered by dentists for different needs. No matter what problem you are dealing with, a good dentist can always find a proper solution. Among all these treatments, dental fillings are one of the most common procedures asked by patients. This treatment involves removing the decayed part of the tooth and replacing it with amalgam, tooth-colored, or silver filling. It explains fillings are widely used by dentists as tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental problems. If you need a filling, we highly recommend visiting professionals at M2 Dental, as they provide the highest quality of dental care services to make all patients satisfied when they leave the dental clinic. Fillings also offer aesthetic advantages and can restore the function and beauty of your smile. After the initial dental examination, your dentist can decide which type of tooth filling in Vancouver is right for you and will give you the best results. Regardless of the type of dental filling your dentist chooses, this treatment will go a long way in preserving the integrity of your gums and teeth. Continue to read this blog to understand some important benefits of dental fillings.

Fillings can prevent dental infection

If you are scheduled for root canal Services in Vancouver or other dental procedures that require several dentist visits, you can get a temporary filling. Using a temporary dental filling ensures the exposed tooth doesn’t become infected while you are waiting for the major treatment. Temporary fillings are beneficial to prevent periodontal disease and can control the level of infection while you are prepared for the treatment.

New types of dental fillings release fluoride

Sometimes your dentist may recommend specific types of fillings that release fluoride to protect your oral health. Fluoride is a significantly beneficial substance to your teeth to the extent that fluoride treatment in Vancouver is offered by dentists to prevent further dental issues.

Dental fillings aren’t just for addressing tooth decay

Although your emergency dentist in Vancouver may use fillings mainly to address a decayed tooth, there are still other applications for this amazing tooth restoration. Cracked or chipped teeth can also get repaired by fillings as an alternative to cosmetic veneers or crowns.

Dental fillings are more aesthetic today

If you don’t like the metal look of amalgam fillings, you can ask for fillings made of composite resin. Most cosmetic dentists offer tooth-colored fillings for patients concerned with tooth aesthetics.

Dental fillings can strengthen your tooth structure

If your tooth is too weak, your dentist may recommend indirect fillings to strengthen your tooth structure. Indirect fillings are the best possible option when the damage hasn’t reached the point where a porcelain dental crown is necessary.

Fillings can last around 15 years

Unlike what most believe, a dental filling can last for a long time if you maintain it perfectly. All you need to do is keep an adequate oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist regularly for a deep dental cleaning and overall checkup using modern dental X-rays and other advanced technologies.

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