Common Myths About Dental Care Debunked

When it comes to dental care, brushing your teeth is the first thing that comes to your mind. Most people think it’s easy to know how to maintain their oral health but still suffer from dental problems. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions common in today’s society, and many people believe in them. Moreover, most people trust the information they collect online without knowing whether it’s scientifically correct. Our experienced dentists at M2 Dental can tell you the differences between common dental care myths and facts to help you maintain your smile more carefully. The fact is you can’t preserve your oral health until you have reliable information about the ways to maintain it. By knowing the correct methods of protecting your smile, the chance of dental emergencies will be reduced, and you can enjoy the confidence gained by having a beautiful smile. Read this article to learn about common oral health myths and misconceptions.

Myth: Flossing isn’t as important as brushing

Many people believe that brushing their teeth two times is enough to protect their smiles. A standard oral hygiene routine is not just limited to tooth brushing; there are other necessary steps, including flossing. Avoiding flossing your teeth can lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other severe complications. Furthermore, one of the most common causes of halitosis is logged food particles between your teeth, resulting from ignoring tooth flossing.

Myth: Dental fillings and crowns protect your teeth from decay

One of the most popular dental restorations is tooth fillings and crowns. If your tooth is cracked, chipped, or decayed, or you’ve just undergone root canal treatment in Vancouver, a filling or crown may be a good option. However, you must understand that dental crowns and fillings don’t protect your tooth against everything. Your oral hygiene is still important to prevent possible dental problems, and you have to maintain your fillings and cosmetic dental crowns just like you take care of your other teeth.

Myth: Tooth loss is all about genetics

Genetics is just one of the causes of tooth loss, and there are many other reasons for this problem. Dental trauma, injury, or severe accidents are other reasons you may experience tooth loss. Fortunately, there are many developed ways to replace a missing tooth, such as partial dentures or implants. If you have lost your tooth, it’s highly recommended to visit an implant dentist for a detailed consultation.

Myth: Taking X-rays images is dangerous

Many patients are scared of dental X-rays as they believe it’s not safe for their health. Unlike what they believe, dental X-rays are safe and beneficial for oral health. These images can help your dentist understand if there are any possible problems threatening your oral health. Then they can prevent or treat it in the early stages easily to preserve your smile.

Myth: You don’t have to visit your dentist if nothing bothers you

Regular checkups and cleaning are just as important as your oral hygiene routine. A comprehensive oral examination and professional dental cleaning will be done during your regular visits to ensure you will experience no dental issues later.

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