Are You Aware When You May Require Bone Grafting In Your Mouth?

Nov 01, 2019

Have you been advised a bone graft by your dentist as part of a tooth replacement procedure? You may have difficulties understanding why your dentist is suggesting the same. However, it is a routine treatment and uncomplicated as you may believe. If you are considering getting tooth implants which are attractive and long-lasting for replacing your permanent tooth you must bear in mind that bone grafting will become essential. The dentist would have considered all factors related to the tooth replacement you are looking for rather than suggest bone grafting for a condition of halitosis.

Before Placing Dental Implants Bone Grafting May Be A Necessity

Dental implants function appropriately as replacements for natural teeth because they become fused to the underlying bone. The system offers durability and many other advantages. Unfortunately, when tooth loss occurs the surrounding bone begins to disappear. In such cases, it becomes necessary to rebuild the structure of the bone for the implant to be placed effectively.

Regeneration Of The Bone Is a Routine Procedure For Dental Implants

Bone grafting has become a standard practice in periodontal and oral surgery whenever it is needed. Generally, it is performed earlier than or at the same time as placing a dental implant. The procedure for the grafting can be completed in the office of the dentist by administering local anesthesia which is similar to the shots administered during dental fillings. This is done to relieve any anxiety you may be facing.

The Procedure May Be Completed By Using Various High-Tech Materials

The little bone grafting that you need may come from different sources including human, synthetic, and animal materials. The material for the grafting is processed before it is used to make it completely safe. Apart from the grafting material the dentist may also use special guided facial regeneration membranes along with biologically active substances to promote and enhance the healing process.

Your Body Benefits From Bone Regeneration Which Helps to Rebuild It

Your body utilizes the materials for the bone grafting as a frame or scaffold which it can use to grow new bone tissue by itself. With time the natural process of bone regeneration replaces the materials of the graft with new bone. It is known that maintaining sufficient tissue of the bone around the teeth is crucial for maintaining your oral health. That is the reason why when a tooth extraction is planned in present-day conditions a bone graft will be placed during the extraction to preserve as much bone tissue as possible.

If you are considering dental implants to replace your teeth and wondering why bone grafting is necessary, it is suggested you discuss any misconceptions you have in your mind with the dentist treating you. He or she will be able to provide all the information needed to remove the anxiety from your mind.

Present-day dentists have all received up-to-date training and clinical experience and are capable of answering all your questions. The training they received would have made them capable of conducting the procedure effectively to provide you with treatment options that are best suited for your situation.

Is the Procedure Safe?

In most cases, the procedure of bone grafting is highly successful and the only time when it can fail is when trauma affects them from excessive oral habits of the individual, uncontrolled diabetes, immune-compromised conditions, smoking, Etc. If you are free from any of these conditions you can go ahead with the procedure without concerns because your dentist will be making all efforts necessary to ensure you are comfortable.

What Are The Financial Implications Of a Bone Graft?

The cost of a bone graft includes the cost of all materials needed as part of a dental implant. The costs can range from $2000-$3000 or more depending on your location, the experience of the dentist in Downtown Vancouver, and any other factors that may contribute to the prices of the procedure. You may not receive any help from dental insurance for the implants needed except for the cost of the grafting if it is determined as medically essential. Therefore, it is suggested that you prepare yourself ahead of time by discussing everything with your dentist to understand why bone grafting is essential when you only need a tooth implant.

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