3 Signs You May Need Dental Implants

May 16, 2019

Dental implants are a permanent way to replace teeth in the mouth that have been lost. They look and perform just like real teeth, so you won’t have to worry about removing them or using special cleaning products as you would with dentures or bridges. However, you will have to have surgery in order to get the benefits of dental implants. M2 Dental recommends dental implants in certain situations, such as some of the ones outlined below.

You Are Missing At Least One Tooth

Your dentist may recommend implants if you’re missing a tooth in your mouth. You may consider one lost tooth a small thing, but your teeth work together in a system that is thrown off when a tooth is missing. The roots of your teeth stimulate the jaw, and without teeth, the jaw can recede and make it difficult to eat or hold conversations.

You Have a Severe Tooth Infection

Infections are another reason your dentist may recommend implants. If the infection is severe and the tooth must be removed, implants can be inserted at the time of extraction to avoid losing tissues in the bone and provide you with a permanent solution to your tooth loss. By getting an implant when having a tooth extracted, you save yourself from an extra visit to the dentist to get the implant inserted.

Your Dentures Fit Poorly

If you wear dentures, they may slip around the mouth and cause problems when you’re wearing them. Dental implants in vancouver can provide you with dentures that don’t slip or move at all. All-on-4 implants can allow you to replace a full row of missing teeth in just one day. After the procedure, your dentist will make sure everything has healed properly by having you come in for a follow-up.

If you have lost teeth, there is no reason you should not replace them with the best solution for tooth loss – dental implants. Speak with an M2 Dental professional near you to learn about how implants can be used to restore your teeth and give you a more beautiful and healthy smile.

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